What we do

Our company, founded in 1981 and located in the Moerdijk Port and Industrial Park, treats hazardous waste. With 210 employees we treat approximately 1.9 million tonnes of waste annually 24/7 of which 95% is made suitable for reuse. With 4 locations, including sales offices in Belgium, Germany and Spain, we are part of the Shanks Group plc.

The waste streams we treat primarily consist of the following:

Verontreinigde grond Verpakt chemisch afval Oliehoudend slib Afvalwater Scheepsvaart


Treatment Processes

To treat these waste streams, ATM has a thermal remediation plant, a pyrolysis plant, a sludge treatment plant and a wastewater purification plant.
The waste is supplied via trucks and ships, given that ATM is located at the Hollandsch Diep. In addition to treating hazardous waste, we also accommodate tankers at our jetty which we then clean and degas in our ship cleaning and degassing unit.

About ATM

We process various waste streams in a sustainable and innovative way after 95% can be used as secondary raw material or fuel useful again. Read more about ATM.

Company details

P.O. box 30, 4780 AA Moerdijk
Vlasweg 12, 4782 PW Moerdijk
E-mail: info@atmmoerdijk.nl
24/7-number: +31(0)168 389 289
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