We care for the future by making more from waste

Socially responsible, that is how we do business at ATM. Not only are we com­mercially
driven, our main aim is to take good care of our people, the environment and society. We therefore give equal attention to our People, the Planet and Profit.


Our people. They do the ordinary extraordinarily well. Their involvement and energy, day in day out. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no ATM without ATM employees. They make the difference. Those joined forces make us strong. Our people are proud, loyal and determined. We care for them as best we can.


As ants of society ensuring a clean world. We work hard to make waste suitable for reuse by means of our sustainable technologies. Everything in com­pliance. This precedes the operating result. It is our duty to always do the right thing. With particular attention for the immediate surroundings.


Unburdening customers with our know­ledge and skills. Market-oriented and robust waste solutions. Sound and well thought-out. Everything designed in-house. We pay continuous attention to our processing. Both qualitatively and quantitatively. We innovate and continue to offer client added value. We move in tandem and that makes the difference.

About ATM

We process various waste streams in a sustainable and innovative way after 95% can be used as secondary raw material or fuel useful again. Read more about ATM.

Company details

P.O. box 30, 4780 AA Moerdijk
Vlasweg 12, 4782 PW Moerdijk
E-mail: info@atmmoerdijk.nl
24/7-number: +31(0)168 389 289
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