Working with hazardous waste is, after all, a major responsibility. We readily assume this responsibility, and no cost and effort is spared to create an optimal and safe work environment.

Safety Awareness

We treat safety as an integral part of our business operations and processes. Our safety department takes internal and external safety to a higher level by internalising it throughout the company. We foster a safety culture in which employees work safely of their own accord, one that fosters safety awareness so that safe working practices do not need to be imposed.

Download the floor plan by clicking on the image. Download the floor plan by clicking on the image.

Learning from Reported Issues

To effectively identify risks and then to exclude or control these risks, we encourage colleagues to report unsafe conditions whenever possible. All such reports are registered in an automated system. The reports are analysed and translated into preventive measures designed to further improve safety. In addition, we minimise risks through means of continuous monitoring and technical improvements.

Fire Fighting

We take proactive and preventative safety measures designed to control risks. However, for decades we have had our own fire brigade, which was recently equipped with a crashtender. This enables us to provide the initial fire fighting response and to bridge the public fire brigade’s response time. In addition, we minimise risks through the use of stationary resources, such as foam fire extinguishing systems.

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