Divisional Director Jonny Kappen: “We operate at the highest level”

ATM and Reym a tandem twosome a decade long

For ten years, ATM and Reym have formed an inseparable tandem within the Hazardous Waste division of Shanks. And during all this time, Jonny Kappen has been at the helm of this division. Total Care is the name under which ATM and Reym serve the market as a twosome. “And that is not the only big step that we have taken over the past period.”

Jonny surveys the developments of the past decade: “ATM and Reym are two companies that may consider themselves specialists par excellence in the field of hazardous waste, each with their own specific activities and areas of expertise, but still operating as a tandem twosome. These two great companies in the same market complement each other. Reym is a service provider, among other things in the field of industrial cleaning and transport, and ATM is a processor and producer.”

Total Care

Jonny continues: “Under the name Total Care, ATM and Reym offer an all-encompassing proposition for which they are highly regarded, particularly by multinationals. They unburden businesses, because Total Care takes care of the entire waste chain. Moreover, the Total Care centres in Veendam, Beverwijk, Rotterdam and Sittard ensure that waste collection and transport take place relatively close to the providers. The knife cuts both ways where it concerns these main portals of ATM. We can provide a better service to our customers and they gain from the logistics and financial benefits of our proximity without the necessity of intermediaries. The fact that we have organised it on such a scale has proved from the outset to be a good choice. Total Care is greatly appreciated in the domestic market and it also appeals to the international market.”

ATM’s niches

ATM holds a prominent position in several unique niches in terms of the processing of packed waste, waste water, soil, oil, sludge and ship cleaning and degassing. “That makes the role of the company within Shanks extra unique”, says Jonny. “With its expertise and innovative techniques ATM pursues a more in-depth approach and can therefore respond to new and often more complex waste issues. Working with unique partnerships also enables the company to take on greater volumes. Our division therefore not only fulfils a wonderful utility function for the Netherlands Inc., it is also able to serve customers abroad. ATM in Moerdijk has not grown to become the best plant of its kind in Europe without reason. ATM is also appreciated abroad for the organisation’s knowledge in the field of laws and regulations. We are completely at home with the complex world of public authorities and the administrative ins and outs.”

Jonny Kappen, Divisional Director ATM and Reym Jonny Kappen, Divisional Director ATM and Reym

Much more to offer

According to Jonny, there is even more that makes ATM a business which actually offers much more than waste processing. “We are ambitious when it comes to collecting state-of-the-art knowledge. We have learnt a great deal over the past ten years or more and thus we can offer a great deal of teaching material. You only have to look at our safety culture, which not only involves all kinds of technical provisions and/or the control of processes. Over the past years we have worked towards an entirely new mindset. The BRZO-route (Major Accident (Risks) Decree) taken by ATM is very special and is receiving appreciation from everywhere. We have involved the entire organisation in this. Safety is in the DNA of the company and in the veins of all the employees. Everything and everyone in control is the common thread at ATM.” The Divisional Director mentions another typical ATM characteristic that can serve as an example. “Our transparency. Everyone can take a look inside. We hold our reputation dear. We therefore communicate actively and proactively and put a great deal of effort into our relationship with our stakeholders, which include the residents of Moerdijk. Involvement in our environment is not an empty slogan, we actually take practical measures.”


Over the past years, ATM has invested tens of millions in innovations, optimisation of processes and maintenance. Jonny: “Those investments were necessary because we want to meet the most stringent safety requirements. We are also increasingly confronted with new licensing requirements. We have expanded our facilities and are constantly pursuing new and even smarter solutions in order to fulfil our principle ‘making more from waste’. Also, our energetic solutions within the company continue to receive our attention so that we can take care of our own energy requirements as much as possible.” Investing is part of ATM’s business operations, says Jonny. “Shanks offers the space and possibilities for the entrepreneurship that characterises ATM. Our investment plan is therefore based on a long-term vision on which we will work together.”

Operating at the highest level

Everything taken into consideration, Jonny arrives at the conclusion that the ATM-Reym tandem is absolutely operating at the highest level. “Your service is only as good as your last performance. You must therefore prove yourself every day and also dare to raise the bar a little higher each time. We call that ‘Operational Excellence’ and I would go so far as to say that we are quite good at it thanks to the tremendous effort and involvement of all the ATM and Reym players who form part of our elite team. They enable us to continue excelling in waste processing and further strengthen our position in the market in which we work. We are taking our skills and expertise to a deeper level, and taking a wider approach if that enables us to offer new and volume-rich solutions. We are maintaining our stringent safety principles and there is still room to grow in that area. We take good care of our people, our reputation and our relationships and will continue to do so. We write communication with capital letters. And last but not least, we remain innovative where needed and whenever possible. You can keep me to that.”

Within the Hazardous Waste Division, ATM and Reym will soon form part of the new company which will be created when the merger of Shanks and Van Gansewinkel has become a fact. The shareholders of both companies have agreed to this merger. The approval by NMA (Netherlands Competition Authority) is the final step. Jonny: “A great company will soon be created that will provide even more opportunities to produce high-quality raw materials from waste and, consequently, contribute to the circular economy. This will bring nothing less than benefit to our customers.”

Date of publication: December 14, 2016 10:18 AM