"The stability now achieved is our springboard"

Aad van Marrewijk applauds being in control

A straightforward man. That is General Manager Aad van Marrewijk. A year ago, he undertook to visit the shop floor at least 100 times. The current count is 104. ‘I want to know what concerns our people have and how they view our developments.’ Aad has been able to see with his own eyes that ATM is in control on all fronts. ‘I applaud that. It’s something we can deservedly take pride in.’

We realise the Shanks mission and vision for our stakeholders as follows... according to the heading of the ATM strategy map introduced in 2015. The words ‘we’ and ‘our’ were chosen for a reason. And there was also a reason why the strategy map was hung up in more than 20 prominent places in the company. Aad says: ‘At ATM, we primarily do things together. Teamwork is our core value. So our employees need to know what we stand for and are aiming for together. And they want to know that too. They feel engaged and co-responsible.’

Rigorous training

Engagement and co-responsibility were the key words of the intensive accident prevention process (BRZO) that cannot have escaped the attention of any employee in the past year. ‘We sat down together and discussed this in detail. With our licence under the Major Accidents Decree (BRZO), we moved up to the premier league, so the entire team had to be familiarised with it. With all the measures, sessions and activities, we asked quite a lot of our employees. In order to remain in the premier league, we trained rigorously. Of course, we were already familiar with a fair amount. The result is that we can now conclude that phase. Safety was already in the company’s genes and now it’s also runs in the veins of all employees. The results make that clear. Operationally, hardly anything goes wrong anymore.’ ‘From development to stability’ is how Aad described the process that has just been completed. ‘We have now reached a phase in which we can show that we are and will remain in control. We can realise this and have enough self-confidence.’

Aad van Marrewijk, General Manager ATM Aad van Marrewijk, General Manager ATM

Strength-based management

Aad underscores the commitment of the ATM-team. ‘The drop in illness-related absence by more than 2% is also an indicator of increasing stability. Employees derive satisfaction from the way in which we deploy their strengths. We not only require responsibility, but we give it too, with our own training and coaching processes, by responding to everyone’s talents and not least, by promoting mutual cooperation and controlling compartmentalisation between disciplines. Problem-solving and innovation is no longer exclusively reserved for the management. It is now also focus of an ATM core team in which Sales, Compliance and Operations work together. Our employees manage to stimulate and challenge each other. That’s the strength of ATM.’

Solid basis

There is no resting on our laurels. ‘We must want to do better tomorrow than today.’ Aad sees the stability that has now been achieved as a solid basis and springboard for further optimisation. And where possible, for acceleration of ATM’s operational, commercial and development sides. ‘The start of construction work on our new drum shed is coming up. We are taking new steps in the degassing and waste water market. And penetrating new markets is not ruled out either. I foresee new records in our processing volume. We achieved a good profit in the past year, despite a number of financial setbacks. On that level too, there is confidence in the future.’

Date of publication: July 8, 2016 12:25 PM