Unburdening of your organization

Are you looking for a solution to your waste? We would like to take this off your hands and find a responsible solution for you appropriate to your situation. In a nutshell, price, quality, sustainability and capacity are the reasons why clients choose and keep choosing ATM. We have many years of experience in finding waste solutions and would like to work with you to develop a solution. We alleviate your concerns.


Broad Spectrum of Waste Streams

In our plants we can process a wide range of hazardous waste streams in responsible and safe ways. Waste streams such as contaminated soil, packaged chemical waste, oily sludge, wastewater and ship-generated waste. We also provide solutions for other waste streams that we cannot treat directly. We have an extensive treatment capacity. Indeed, last year we treated 1.9 million tonnes of waste, 95% of which was made suitable for reuse.

Verontreinigde grond Klein chemisch afval Oliehoudend slib Afvalwater Scheepvaart




Easily Accessible

Waste can be brought in by truck as well as by ship. We are located in the Moerdijk Industrial Park directly located at the A16 and A17 motorways. In addition, we have a jetty at the Hollandsch Diep where we are able to accommodate ships with a draught of up to 7.5 metres. If so desired, we can also look after the transport of waste on your behalf.


We operate on an international scale and we have sales offices in Belgium, Germany and Spain to effectively serve the international market. The import and export of waste is subject to strict regulations, nationally as well as internationally. We can take care of the entire administrative process for you.

About ATM

We process various waste streams in a sustainable and innovative way after 95% can be used as secondary raw material or fuel useful again. Read more about ATM.

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