ATM is a limited liability company. All shares hold by hands within the Renewi Mineralz & Water division which, in turn, is part of the listed company Renewi plc.. The Renewi Group comprises several companies that are specialised in waste and recycling.


The ATM group comprises four locations, of which ATM B.V. in Moerdijk, the Netherlands, is the head office and constitutes the largest production site. Until December 2014 Jaartsveld Groen en Milieu B.V. in Steenbergen was the second production site of the ATM Group. In addition, Ocean Combustion Service N.V. in Merksem (Belgium) and ATM Entsorgung Deutschland GmbH in Mönchengladbach (Germany) are sales offices. Furthermore, agents all over the world work for ATM. See here all company details.

Board of Directors

The management team is responsible for the management of ATM. The Statutory
Board consists of five directors and, moreover, the Managing Director of ATM participate in the division management. Together with the Environmental Manager, Operations Manager, International Sales Manager, HR Manager and the Controller they constitute the management team of ATM.