Flue gas scrubber

A dominant ATM feature is the large, white plume of steam coming from its chimney. The white plume is in fact a sign that all contaminants have been removed from the flue gases before they are emitted to the atmosphere. We have a flue gas scrubber that guarantees low emissions and that ensures we comply with the strict environmental requirements.

Treatment Process

The flue gases are drawn from the rotating drum of the thermal remediation plant and are completely incinerated in the after-burner. After the after-burner, the flue gases are cooled using an air cooler and water cooling. The air cooler (LUVO) is used to recover most of the heat from the flue gases. The recovered heat is then reused elsewhere on the site as steam and hot water. After the flue gases are cooled, they are routed through an electrostatic filter, where particulates are removed from the flue gases. After the electrostatic filter, the flue gases are routed through four scrubbers that remove the acidic components. After the entire scrubbing process is completed, the flue gases are routed to a coalescer. Particulates and moisture are once again removed from the flue gases in this unit.

Flue Gas Quality

The scrubbed flue gases finally leave the chimney, where they are monitored. ATM continuously monitors the quality of the flue gases. Government authorities also regularly monitor the quality.

Other Connections

Our storage tanks and the degassing unit are also connected to this system and therefore do not generate any direct emissions to the environment. The so-called displacement air released when the tanks are filled is discharged and destroyed.

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