Packaged chemical waste, as well as the sediment produced by the sludge treatment plant, is treated in the pyrolysis plant. The waste, including the packaging, is shredded by two shredders. The core of the plant consists of two centrally located stationary drums. A conveyor screw transports the shredded waste through these drums. In the drum, the material is heated to a high temperature in an oxygen-deprived environment. Due to the fact that very little oxygen is admitted, the material is not fully combusted and instead is partially converted into a combustible gas. The gas is piped to the thermal remediation plant where it is used as fuel.

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Residual Materials

The pyrolysis plant consequently does not produce any direct emissions to the atmosphere due to the energy link. The residual materials left behind on the one hand consist of metal scrap from the packaging, which is recovered magnetically for reuse. The other remaining residual materials are removed for further treatment or transported to a waste dump.

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