ATM has its own laboratory, which is an essential part of our business operations. The laboratory makes an important contribution to being and staying in compliance by monitoring incoming waste, its treatability, the treatment process and the residual materials. The laboratory has a broad range of expertise. After all, every waste stream and every plant requires its own specific analysis.

Pre-acceptance Phase

Information about the potential waste to be supplied is collected from the customer during the so-called pre-acceptance phase. During this process we take samples which we then analyse ahead of time in accordance with a fixed regime to check the waste’s treatability and to determine the price for treating it. Acceptance of the waste is determined by the licensed EURAL codes and the concentration of the contaminants. The maximum permitted contaminant concentrations are specified in our acceptance criteria.

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On arrival, the waste is weighed and another sample is taken to verify the previously acquired information. Following approval by the laboratory, the waste stream may be treated.

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Process Control

Samples are also taken and inspected during the treatment process. The information we acquire this way is vital in order to adjust our processes as necessary.

Residual Materials

Emissions to the air, discharge of water and the removed soil are also analysed. This way we monitor whether we comply with the strict standards that apply to us pursuant to environmental legislation.

The laboratory operates in accordance with standard methods. The quality of the laboratory work is guaranteed by using NEN and ISO standards and the internal quality system.