All business operations are in compliance. Compliance tops operating result. Working in compliance with the strictest safety and environmental standards is therefore directly, one-on-one, linked to our business operations and all of our processes.

We are structurally working on our quality to enable us to consistently provide responsible waste solutions and to consistently alleviate customers from any concerns. By treating waste we make an important contribution to the environment; however, on the other hand we do not want to further burden the environment. All of this with safety as the top priority.


About ATM

We process various waste streams in a sustainable and innovative way after 95% can be used as secondary raw material or fuel useful again. Read more about ATM.

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P.O. box 30, 4780 AA Moerdijk
Vlasweg 12, 4782 PW Moerdijk
24/7-number: +31(0)168 389 289
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