With our plants we process a wide range of hazardous waste streams. As a result we are involved in many aspects of national and international environmental laws. Thousands of regulations apply to us, directly and indirectly. Full compliance with current environmental legislation is an essential condition for us.

Care for the Environment

We devote more than the required care to the environment by applying environmental management systems and technical measures. In many cases we take the initiative ourselves to do more than required by legislation. We are highly focused on technical innovation and demonstrability in order to consistently comply with all standards and conditions.


A company requires a permit before it is allowed to operate at a certain location. ATM has an environment permit, an integrated permit issued by the Province. Our full permit can be viewed at the Province of North Brabant’s website. The Province of North Brabant is also responsible for monitoring compliance with this permit and has outsourced this to the Mid and West Brabant Environment Agency.

Pre-approved Recovery Facility

ATM has been a pre-approved recovery facility (PRF) since 2010. As a PRF it is administratively easier for us to import waste from abroad. In 2011 ATM applied for an extension of its status, which was granted in 2012.

Reuse of Waste

We continually optimise our processes to prepare waste to the maximum possible extent for reuse as a secondary raw material or fuel. 95% of all incoming waste is reused effectively.

2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
Reuse in % 95 95 95 91 89

Read more about our environmental performance in the CSR-report.