Thermal remediation

The contaminated soil is remediated in a thermal remediation plant (TRP) at ATM. The core of the plant consists of a rotary drum furnace that is over 50 metres in length and 5 metres in diameter. An oil fuel burner is installed on either side that produces a high temperature within the drum. The oil recovered by the sludge treatment plant and the combustible gas extracted from the pyrolysis plant are used as fuels for the rotary drum furnace. Due to the synergy between these plants, no new fuel is required to heat the TRP.

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The contaminated soil is transported into the drum via conveyor belts, and by turning the drum at a sloping angle, the soil is slowly transported to the end of the drum. The soil is heated to a high temperature that causes (organic) contaminants, such as tar, oil, fat and petrol, to be combusted and gas to be generated. The gas is subsequently routed to our flue gas scrubber for further treatment.

Residual Materials

The remediated soil has a product certificate is reused in various projects, such as road construction projects.

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