We aim to continuously improve and assure high quality. We ensure compliance with internal quality criteria, as well as with the requirements specified by our customers, and we comply with laws and regulations. Furthermore, in some instances we go beyond this.

Quality Management System

We achieve the highest possible quality through means of our substantive quality management system. Our business processes have been mapped out in detail. We use clearly documented procedures and work instructions for this purpose with which we impose stringent requirements on ourselves.

Internal Audits

To safeguard our quality, we structurally conduct internal audits. We audit the currency and practicability of our procedures and work instructions in order to adjust them as necessary.

External Audits

We also safeguard our quality through means of external audits of our certified management systems. The findings of these audits often constitute a determining factor for obtaining official certification. We are certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental standard and the OSHAS 18001 safety standard. Furthermore, it is our objective to also obtain the ISO 9001 quality certificate over time. The following is a list of our certificates: