Ship cleaning

We have a T-shaped jetty in the Hollandsch Diep, a busy inland waterway between the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. At our jetty we can accommodate tankers with a draught of up to 7.5 metres. Since the eighties we have officially been designated as the port reception facility for the receipt and treatment of ship-generated waste.

Other jetty services

Aside from this, we also provide services for cleaning and degassing holds and tanks. Furthermore, ships can avail themselves of services such as the supply of steam and hot and cold water, emptying their sludge tanks, and flushing their tank cargo hold or making it inert with the use of nitrogen. We are able to handle 4 ships at the same time.

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Whether we can treat your shipping waste depends on the concentration of contaminants and the associated EURAL codes we are permitted to accept. The maximum permitted contaminants are described in our acceptance procedure. Read more about treatability.


The shipping waste we treat not only originates from the Netherlands. We treat waste from countries that do not have the right plants for this purpose. Depending on the concentrations of contaminants and the associated EURAL codes, we are permitted to accept waste from international origins. The import and export of waste are subject to strict regulations, nationally as well as internationally.