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From remediated soil and TAG to secondary raw materials 

The Dutch government aims to be fully circular by 2050. To achieve this goal, the economy is to operate entirely on recycled raw materials and all waste is to be converted into usable materials, thus providing an alternative to ever scarcer primary raw materials. 

United under the same division of the Renewi group, ATM and Mineralz combine 40 years of expertise in waste processing with innovative process techniques, driven by a firm commitment to circularity. Together, we champion innovations in the recycling of waste materials and cooperate closely with companies, knowledge institutes and governments to continuously improve our approach and offering. 

As such, ATM, in addition to Mineralz, offers a wide range of secondary raw materials for road building, infrastructural projects and the concrete products industry, as part of the FORZ® product line. 

FORZ® products can deployed as substitute for primary raw materials and are delivered to specification with a declaration of performance (DOP) and EU declaration of conformity.

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