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About ATM

ATM - a Renewi Mineralz & Water subsidiary - is based at the Moerdijk port and industrial complex. 

We are one of Europe’s largest professional processors of contaminated soil and TAG (tar asphalt granulate), wastewater and oily sludge. In addition, we dispose of a wide range of hazardous waste substances including packaged chemical waste. 

Through close collaboration at both division and group level, we combine 40 years of expertise in waste processing with innovative process techniques, with a sustained focus on circularity and sustainability. 

We operate on both sides of waste streams: incoming and outgoing.

With 220 employees, we process around 2 million tonnes of waste every year using innovative process technologies and with a constant focus on circularity. The vast majority of these materials is given a second life in the form of new products or energy recovery.

By giving new life to used materials, we are working to make the emerging circular economy a reality. And to make our world cleaner and more sustainable. To make it a world in which we waste no more.

The processing of waste materials is done with a symbiotically connected system comprised of:

a thermal remediation plant, a pyrolysis plant, a sludge treatment plant and a wastewater purification plant.

The incoming waste arrives by ship or truck at our site on the Hollands Diep.  A great deal of the wastewater that we treat derives from our jetty, where we clean and degas up to 2500 ships per year.  

Upcycling remediated soil and TAG, ATM, together with Mineralz, produces a range of future-proof, secondary raw materials under the FORZ® brand name.

We champion innovations in the recycling of waste materials and cooperate closely with companies, knowledge institutes and governments to develop socially responsible, circular products that can be used for road construction, in infrastructure projects or as a component for the production of concrete goods

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Renewi Mineralz & Water

ATM is part of the Renewi Mineralz & Water Division, together with the company Mineralz.