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FORZ®Filler is a mineral substance that is released during thermal recycling and that can be used as a filler in the concrete and cement industry.

FORZ®Filler can serve as an alternative to pulverized coal fly ash, ground limestone and silica dust.

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  • The properties of FORZ®Filler are recorded in a declaration of performance / CE declaration of conformity in accordance with NEN-En 12620 'additive material for concrete'.

  • The CROW committee for the acceptance of the filler under the BRL 1804 started in September 2021.

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ATM Renewi Product Detail FORZ Filler

Product specifications

  • Mineral dust with grain size mostly <63 µm
  • Contributes to improving the properties of concrete
  • In concrete products such as paving material (e.g. paving stones and edge beams), FORZ®Filler can lead to 25% cement reduction


  • As an alternative to primary filler in concrete products 
  • As a filler in composite binders with FORZ®HRB (Hydraulic Road Binder), used as a cement replacement in cement-bound foundations, which meet the requirements of BRL 9322
  • Innovations for use in sand-lime brick, aerated concrete and screeds
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Delivery and transportation options

  • Continuous production, delivery from stock
  • Assistance and support for administrative processes, ensuring smooth order fulfillment
  • Trial batches possible
  • Own weighbridge and loading facilities
  • Easily accessible by road and waterway on the Hollands Diep