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Processing contaminated soil and TAG for reuse as secondary raw materials

ATM processes contaminated soil and tar asphalt granulate (TAG) in its thermal remediation installation. 

Contaminated soil is released, for example, when factory sites, landfill sites or fuel stations are decontaminated. Tar asphalt granulate was in use up to 1990 and is now released when roads are repaired.

ATM can also process other waste streams containing sand, soil or stones such as contaminated rubble, blasting grit, sieved sand, sewer, culvert, pumping station and sweeping sand and matured dredging sludge. Special challenges such as the removal of Japanese knotweed can also be addressed by thermal remediation. 


The majority of the contaminated soil and TAG is recycled and given a second life in the form of secondary raw materials for the infrastructure and concrete industries.

How can you deliver contaminated soil and TAG? 

You can deliver contaminated soil in tipper trailers or self-discharging container trucks. Ships with a maximum draught of 7.5 metres can also dock at the ATM jetty.


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