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Solutions: from made-to-measure to full-service packages

Every year, ATM processes almost 2 million tonnes of waste, giving used materials a second life in the form of new products or energy recovery.

Incoming stream

The most important waste materials processed by ATM are contaminated soil & TAG, wastewater, oily sludge and packaged chemical waste, which arrives at the our site on the Hollands Diep by lorry and ship.

To process these waste streams, we use a thermal remediation plant, a pyrolysis plant, a sludge treatment plant and a wastewater purification plant. Additionally, we operate a ship cleaning and degassing station as well as a state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure all of our processes deliver outstanding results. 

Integrated approach

ATM offers you solutions tailored specifically to your requirements.

We take not only the cleaning or remediation and transport of waste materials off your hands, but the final processing as well. Our integrated approach also relieves you of all the administrative formalities of importing and exporting waste materials in accordance with the strict national and international rules.

We collaborate closely with approved processors in the Netherlands and abroad and therefore we can also offer solutions for waste which we do not process ourselves.

In addition, you can contact us around the clock for the transportation of hazardous waste and we can intervene rapidly in the event of environmental incidents.

Most of all, we are happy to listen and think together with you about how we can best address your waste management challenges. 


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