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We offer FORZ®Sand lots with a grain size range of 0-4, which meets the requirements of industrial class soil. This carefully processed material can be used in large infrastructural projects as an alternative to industrial class primary sand.

FORZ®Sand is available in two variations with similar physical properties:

  • FORZ®Sand-T, produced from thermally cleaned soil and
  •  FORZ®Sand-E, produced from extractively cleaned soil

FORZ®Sand-T can be used as sand for sand beds and sand for embankments, while FORZ®Sand-E can also be used as drainage sand and street sand.

Certificate / Guideline  >  

BRL7500 with protocol 7510 and BRL9335-2 for sand, under the industrial qualification class and the requirements for use in large-scale soil applications, in accordance with the Dutch Soil Quality Decree [Besluit Bodemkwaliteit]. 

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ATM Renewi Product Detail FORZ Sand

Product specifications

  • Environmentally-conscious: replaces high percentages of primary sand 
  • Can be used for sand beds or embankments


  • Both FORZ®Sand types can be used in road construction and large infrastructural projects, such as large-scale soil applications, bridges, roads, tunnels, noise barriers, railways etc.
  • FORZ®Sand-E can also be used for road construction or as a water-permeable underlayer
ATM Renewi Product Detail FORZ Sand Toepassingsmogelijkheden

Delivery and transportation options

  • Continuous production, delivery from stock
  • Assistance and support for administrative processes, ensuring smooth order fulfillment
  • Trial batches possible
  • Own weighbridge and loading facilities
  • Easily accessible by road and waterway on the Hollands Diep