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We offer washed, secondary FORZ®Gravel, a recycled granulate in different grades depending on the application. FORZ®Gravel can be used in concrete products and in road construction.

Supplied under DOP Declaration of Performance based on:

- NEN-EN 12620:2002+C1:2008 Aggregates for concrete

- NEN-EN 13043:2002+C1:2004 Aggregates for asphalt

as well as on EU declaration of conformity. 

Under BRL2506 for gravel with end-of-waste status.

Supplied under FPC 2+ certificate – Gravel - 0063-CPR-104730/01.

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ATM Renewi Product Detail FORZ Gravel

Product specifications

  • Environmentally-conscious: replacing primary raw materials
  • Washed and classified in different gradings depending on the application (concrete: 2-8, 4-16, 8-16; asphalt: 8-16)
  • Properties the same as those of recycled granulate in accordance with the requirements of BRL 2506


  • For use as an aggregate in concrete and asphalt
ATM Renewi Product Detail FORZ Gravel Toepassingsmogelijkheden

Delivery and transportation options

  • Continuous production, delivery from stock
  • Assistance and support for administrative processes, ensuring smooth order fulfillment
  • Trial batches possible
  • Own weighbridge and loading facilities
  • Easily accessible by road and waterway on the Hollands Diep