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Committed to enabling the circular economy

As part of the Renewi Group, we abide by a shared set of values and act with a shared sense of urgency, determination and ambition in matters of sustainability.

Enabling the circular economy is the core of what we do. As the world tries to limit global warming to below 2°C, closing the loop and becoming more circular is more urgent than ever.

Our purpose is to protect the world by giving new life to used materials, and our business and sustainability strategies are both consistent to help us to fulfil this.

Locally active, locally engaged

In addition to our contribution to a clean living environment, local employment and the local economy, we also want to contribute to local social life.

In recent years we have supported hundreds of initiatives by associations and foundations. From outdoor play days, youth festivals and sports activities, to the organization of Carnival.

If initiatives are professionally organised, take place in the Moerdijk area and benefit a broad target group within the local community, we're happy to read about your plans and potentially have a conversation with your team. 

Please note that we do not invest in activities that are dangerous, risky or environmentally harmful, political or religious in nature. Equally, we do not sponsor individual initiatives or commercial organizations.

Organising an activity?

Tells us about your plans and we'll be in touch.

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