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ATM is a private limited company which, together with Mineralz, belongs to Renewi's Mineralz & Water division.
Renewi, a British listed company, is comprised of a number of divisions specialising in waste processing, with priority being given to the recycling of waste to create secondary raw materials.


ATM operates on four sites: 

  • ATM BV in Moerdijk - head office and the largest production site
  • CFS - production site, located in Weert, the Netherlands 
  • Ocean Combustion Service NV (OCS) - site in Belgium, which is to be relocated from Merksem to Tisselt as of 2022  
  • ATM Entsorgung Deutschland GmbH - based in Mönchengladbach, Germany.

Additionally, ATM also has agents working all over the world. 


Since April 2020, ATM has been under the management of the Mineralz & Water division within the Renewi group, which bundles the processing of various types of contaminated waste. Under the leadership of managing director Theo Olijve, the company continues to expand its technological expertise as an approved waste processor. 
In addition, ATM’s and Renewi's Management is committed to implementing sustainable innovations in order to produce secondary materials from waste for new markets in the circular economy.

Stakeholders and networks

All our developments and efforts are focused on our employees, customers, government bodies, local residents, neighbouring companies and/or suppliers and shareholders. ATM has also joined a number of industry organisations in order to share recent developments and have a joint say. In addition to the Vereniging Afvalbedrijven (VA), these organisations also include the Vereniging Logistiek Management (VLM), the Nederlandse Vereniging van Procesmatige Grondbewerkingsbedrijven (NVPG), Vereniging van Ondernemingen in Milieudienstverlening ten behoeve van Scheepvaart (VOMS), Febem (Belgium) and Euroshore (European industry association for maritime companies). Locally, we participate in the Bedrijvenkring Industrieterrein Moerdijk, working groups stemming from that organisation, and the Burenraad (neighbourhood council).


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Company coordinates

ATM B.V. Headquarters & Facilities

Postal address: Postbus 30, 4780 AA Moerdijk
Visiting address: Vlasweg 12, 4782 PW Moerdijk
Harbour number: 152
24/7 emergency phone number: +31 (0)168 389 289
IBAN-number: NL23INGB0654226873
KVK-number: 20047607
BTW-number: NL.0060.87.735.B01
GLN-number: 8712423034389
VIHB-number: NB501809XXHB



Ocean Combustion Service N.V

Visiting address: Terlindenhofstraat 36, B-2170 Merksem
Phone number: +32 364 621 12
IBAN-number: BE98 3631 5408 9893
KVK-number: 2180070000
BTW-number: BE.0419.533.512

ATM Entsorgung Deutschland GmbH

Visiting address: Kaldenkirchener Strasse 25, D-041063 Mönchengladbach
Phone number: +49 21 61 18 03 37
IBAN-number: DE16 5002 1000 0010 1366 46
KVK-number: 18HRB5959
BTW-number: DE.812.681.140

Opening hours

Monday through Friday 07.30 – 17.30 hrs

Monday through Friday 06.00 – 22.00 hrs