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Annual maintenance

13 July 2022

Optimizing our services is a constant focus in order to meet your waste needs on a permanent basis.

In order to guarantee our continuity, intake capacity and quality, our annual maintenance shutdown takes place. During this period, the service may not be as you are used to from us.

From Monday, September 12 to October 3 at the latest (week 37 to 39) maintenance will take place on our:

  • Thermal cleaning installation (TRI)
  • Pyrolysis installation
  • Sludge Reception and Processing Installation (SOVI)

We expect to be fully operational again by Monday 3 October (week 40). During this period there might be consequences for the delivery of specific waste streams.

These are the consequences for delivery:

DRN numbers for packaged waste streams

  • We cannot receive packaged waste during this period.

Final delivery date is September 9th.

DRN numbers 

Waste streams


A numbers   


No restrictions

B numbers   


No restrictions

C numbers   


Delivery in consultation with the planning 

D numbers   


No restrictions

S numbers   


Very limited acceptance capacity available

If everything goes according to plan, the above restrictions will no longer apply from 3 October (week 40). We are happy to be ready for you again as you are used to from us

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