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17 April 2021

With regard to a study of the TRS used at locations such as Perkpolder and Bunschoten: the media have suggested that ATM did not adhere to the rules and that the Dutch Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (IL&T) told ATM to modify the production process.

ATM is of the opinion that the soil supplied is always delivered in accordance with the correct certified specifications and that all requirements are met on the basis of the process certificate and the current permits. Nevertheless, the IL&T asked in 2018 for all stored TRS to be sampled and not to be delivered until this soil had been approved again for use.

It is important to emphasise that at that time ATM did not deliver its soil directly to contractors. At the time, sales to end users took place through an external certified party. This party committed to ensuring that the soil was used under the correct conditions.

Furthermore, IL&T demanded a change in the process, and the grounds for this change have always been disputed by ATM. However, it cooperated in this matter so that the market for TRS could be reopened. At the end of 2019, IL&T announced that the TRS stored had been properly analysed and released for use, subject to adequate measures relating to the duty of care being taken.

TRS (without PFAs) has been in use again in the Netherlands and abroad since 2020. The fact that the IL&T released the TRS subject to conditions confirms the quality of the product.

Operating safely and sustainably and with consideration for the community lies at the core of our goals and business model.

ATM offers a unique service in the Netherlands by carrying out thermal remediation of seriously contaminated soil and other materials for which there is no alternative treatment solution other than depositing them at a landfill site forever, which is in conflict with Dutch law and the objectives of circularity.

This remediation has to be done safely, and ATM has a high-quality laboratory at its disposal where our processes and products are analysed and inspected.

ATM gives compliance high priority and operates within a strict regulatory environment.

We consequently regret all negative media attention and consider that it does not do justice to our company’s professionalism.